Frequently Asked Question.

 How I do get to Bukit lawang?

Please check our Transport, if you have any question please don’t be hesitate to contact us.

Will I see an Orangutans during the jungle trekking?

We never promised you 100 % if we will see the orangutans during jungle trekking with us, because they are life in the wild. based on my experience, I had been doing the jungle trek for more than 17 year to be a guide and always seeing the Orangutans on the trips. You have to following the instructions of the guides then you have really big chances.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes, please let us know and we will serve vegetarian dishes for you during your jungle trip.

The guide Speak English?

Yes, we are local people and experienced english speaking guides

Is there an ATM in Bukit Lawang?

  1. ATM is about 10 KM from Bukit lawang, we advise you to bring enough money for how long you would like stay. In Bukit lawang also some Money changer you could exchange the money here too.

Is it possible to go trekking to the jungle with the children?

Yes, you can bring your children to the jungle to see the orangutans in the wild and we can send extra porter for your safety, if you wish.

Are The jungle trek difficult? Do I have to be fit for jungle Trekking?

Jungle Treks can be difficult. In general, a good degree of physical fitness, endurance and mobility is required for our jungle treks. The climate is always hot and humid in the jungle and the terrain can be steep. This jungle is in a mountainous range and you will be climbing up and down. The trails can be quite slippery, even when not raining, as the jungle is always somewhat damp.

We cannot judge by looking at someone to determine how well they will do on a trek. You may have people who seem overweight and out of shape who will fare better than someone who trains for marathons. It is a balance of strength, endurance and how your body handles high heat and humidity.

For those without a good basic level of physical fitness, we suggest no more than a 3-Hour or 1-Day trek so that your Guide can lead you on a route better suited for you and allow you to take your time as required. If you are not able to keep a decent pace or still find the trek too difficult, your Guide can cut your trek short.

If you are not confident about your physical ability, please do not ask to be joined with others. We will happily accommodate trekkers on more suitable routes when possible, for those who still want to do a full trek but are concerned about their ability to do so. How ever on specialized treks like that, we will not join others to the group.

People with impaired mobility, low endurance, elderly trekkers and children who may need to go at a slower pace, will likely be most comfortable doing a 3- Hour to 1-Day jungle trek, where your guide will be able to go more slowly in a radius that works for the group. Our guides will not push people to trek beyond their means. You may also hire extra assistants to help you over tricky areas during the trek. If necessary, a jungle trek will be cut short for your safety.

How about the vaccination?

Before you start your trip, you should check with your doctor or a travel clinic what vaccinations are recommended for Indonesia (especially for typhoid, hepatitis A and B, tetanus,polio and malaria prophylaxis).

How do I pay for the jungle trekking?

We will require a deposit payment of 30% of the total costs before your arrival. You can send through our PayPal and the rest of the payment you can pay by cash Euro, rupiah or other currency on arrival.

Do I need Anti-Malarials?

Bukit Lawang itself does not have malaria, although malaria does occur in parts of Sumatra, mainly on islands where it spreads more easily. And of course we can’t tell the future, it is possible malaria could occur in Bukit Lawang in the future. Tourists have been known to contract malaria in Pulau Weh and Mentawai Islands for example. People living in Bukit Lawang, including expats, do not take anti-malarials and there are no cases of malaria. But, if you are coming to Bukit Lawang for a short time, a few weeks or less, for your own peace of mind, you may prefer to take the anti-malarial pills during your time in Sumatra. If you are going to any of the islands, you should consider taking the anti-malarials to cover your time in those areas.

What about the jungle trekking insurance?

You should take out comprehensive insurance with good medical cover in advance and travel insurance is within the personal responsibility of each traveler and should cover accidents, injury or loss of personal property!

Our team will give its best service to keep you safe but you are in the wild jungle and please note that in around Gunung Leuser National Park you will mostly be out in the wild and that arranged by Sumatra Orangutan Tour Bukit Lawang involve certain risks and dangers. These include: traveling in mountain terrain, trekking in dense rainforest and crossing rivers; unpredictable behavior of wildlife; accidents caused by the forces of nature; accidents or illness in remote regions with little or no medical facilities and without any means of rapid or free evacuation.

You should make sure with your health insurance to cover for foreign travel and jungle trekking.

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If you have any further question please feel free to contact us directly, where we will gladly answer any of your individual queries.