Bukit Lawang-Green Class

Sumatra Orangutan Tour : Our company also supports and cares for the development of children in Bukit Lawang. Green Class is a social activity to provide English education as well as knowledge about nature and environment conservation (cleanliness, greening, especially plastic waste that will not be destroyed in a very long time) Green classes are held every Thursday, and we are very happy if you can spend little time to join our children before you leave Bukit Lawang.

Green Class is a local initiative established 3 years ago in a village near Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra. Currently there is no outside support or sponsorship and is managed locally by teachers voluntarily as teaching staff in the Green Class.
Green Class is a weekly class run for around 120 local children aged 6 to 12 years. Study every day at 3 to 5 pm
Children travel from apart to join various activities such as learning English words, environment, conservation, traditional dance, handicraft activities, making soap and recycling plastic to make bags etc.
This Green Class is not formal with the method of learning and playing and children learn not to pay and teachers who teach volunteer systems that are not paid because we always emphasize to each volunteer that this activity is a heart program.
The first and second years of this green class do not have classrooms, children learn open space. learning with the roof of the sky, sitting on the ground and when the rain came the children run for cover, but now we already built up 1 class room for children and they can learn in class room.

Sumatra Orangutan Tour : as a tour service company, will committed that 2.5% of the profits from our tour services, we will distribute them to help with  social activities the Green class.

By booking a tour with us, you have participated to helping and support the social activities mentioned above.

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