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14 Replies to “TESTIMONIALS”

  1. Juan Manuel

    Sumatra Orangutan Tour Company took care of us from the arrival at Medan airport. they are great people and have been approachable via WhatsApp anytime. Yetno was our guide for the jungle trips. He is fun to be with and knows everything. We did 3 days 2 night jungle trekking and we saw many Orangutans, monkey, Siamang, Hornbill, Monitor lizards. The food in the jungle was very delicious and Rafting back from the jungle was very fun. Me and my family was very enjoyed the Trips. Thank you very much Yetno and Sumatra Orangutan Tour Company.

  2. Martin

    We had a great experience 2 days trek with Yetno and his team. They are all really humble and helpful. In the jungle we had the chance to see many orangutans, Thomas Leaf and other monkeys, Gibbons, Monitor lizards . Tour guides were really knowledgeable about the jungle as well as they really helped us to have an amazing experience with them!
    Thank you so much to care of us in the jungle trips.

    • admin Post author

      Thank you very much Martin to join Sumatra Orangutan Tour Company.
      We are very happy to hearing you enjoyed the jungle trekking with Us.
      I wish you all the best…

  3. Alberdina dejong

    Beautiful trip through the jungle Nature provides us with so many fun activities. Our girls loved jumping in the fast current of the river both at the hotel as well as at the jungle camp. The hike was beautiful, constantly entertaining, our guide called Yetno and he’s experienced and went out of their way to assure that we were having a good time. Great meal in the jungle during the trek as well as in camp, decorated with original jungle flowers and fruits (in abundance).
    Seeing the Orangutans is guaranteed: there is a large contingency living in the area and then there are a few others who keep hanging around because they were previously treated in a nearby shelter and who are very used to humans.
    There was a genuine effort by the guides to show that they treat the jungle and its animals well. However, having a large number of tourists like ourselves pass, unavoidably interrupts the natural course of things happening in a jungle and of course the pursuing monkey DID manage to steal some food of us. Nevertheless, this is a magical tour, and I guess as responsible as can be.
    We did the one night trek. Family with two teenagers. The next day is filled with watching some nice waterfalls. They do some face painting and leaf waving, which to me came on as a bit touristy. That said, the whole trip it became clear how well the guides/locals were used to entertaining themselves without computers and phones. And the face painting and leaf waving did add to that sentiment. The rafting back from the jungle also very fun we are really love it! Thank you very much Yetno and team for great experience..!!

  4. Adrian Schoonhoven

    I and a friend did the three day jungle trek. We were picked up from Medan airport and taken directly to the Eco lodge, which is lovely. The trek stared the next day. We carried our clothes and other desirable items plus the sleeping bag. We loaded up with water as well. The guide took us through the jungle and we saw many Orangutans, Monkeys, Gibbons and Monitor lizards. It was amazing. The whole trip was well organised and very enjoyable. Our guide Kinol was lovely and provided great entertainment and knowledge. Tips, you don’t need much clothing so don’t overload your rucksack. We were taken back to the lodge for a nights stay and then taken to Medan airport or a hotel we had booked in Medan. All was taken cared for.

  5. Arabella dejong

    We booked an overnight trek and our guide was Silo. Such a wonderful and joyful person, he did everything right and showed us a great time. His colleagues did a great job as well. I canโ€™t think of any moment that i missed something. The food was very delicious and plenty. The camp is actually kind of luxurious as they offer tents and a mattress with sleeping bag. The toilet was good all things considered. They care so much about the environment and the animals and picked up any trash no matter how small. Their attitude and sensitivity is just what is needed. We saw many Orangutans, gibbons and different type of monkeys. Silo and team: thanks so much for this experience and keep up the great work.

  6. Berg

    My wife and I had a fantastic time and were surprised at how many and how close we got to the orangutans. We were lucky to see monkeys, lizards and a variety of birds. The guides and porters were friendly and the food was amazing – a feast for every meal! The hike itself and camping by the river each night were magic. The staff don’t lie when they say there are some ‘ups and downs’ (hills) on the trek. We really enjoyed the enjoying the trip in a small group. We had an overall had fantastic trip!!

  7. Bram Veenhuis

    One of the best experiences. We did the 2 days one night jungle tour we’ve been in the jungle with Yetno and Anto. Awesome guys, thank your very much again. Yetno, as leading guide,spoke really good English and very funny guy. He made this experience even more special with his jokes and interesting facts during the tour. The Eco-Lodge itself is located right next to the river. The rooms are very clean and the food delicious. The whole staff is very accommodating and friendly.
    Thanks again to the whole team and hopefully we will be able to visit you again.
    Best regards
    Bram and Maria

  8. Belinda

    This company is outstanding. We did the 3-day trip. Two days hiking and 3rd day tubing, which was a lot of fun. We saw about 15 orangutans, and lots of other monkeys. Guide team led by Candra were amazing and professional. The hiking is tough, but they are helpful and keep everyone safe. Food was excellent and filtered water.available for refilling bottle. Good camping equipment provided. You can rent rubber water shoes. Some hiked in them with socks. I can only say great things about this company. Thank you very much Candra and team!!

  9. The Wan group

    A big shout of Thanks to Yetno for the great 7D/6N Sweet Sumatra Tour! This is a private tour with a good itinerary & variety of activities as described for those who love the great outdoors. Yetno is a great guide; jolly, knowledgeable and looked after us very well. He engages the locals to help him as part of this tour experience and clearly enjoys his job very much. Understandably facilities are basic & limited, none the less adequate considering the location we were in to experience the surrounding natural beauty of the forest reserve park. We had lots of fun and It was an amazing experience. Everything went smoothly as planned without a hitch.
    Highly recommended.

    • admin Post author

      Thank you very much Wan and group to join Sumatra Orangutan Tour Company!! We are very happy to hearing you was enjoyed the tour with Us…
      I wish you all the best..!!

  10. Arnaud

    We just came back from a trip with this tour (2D/1N) and we had the chance to got 2 fabulous guides Gintan and Darabi (sorry in advance for the spelling) which dragged us into the best spot in the jungle to see many Orang Utans.
    We actually saw more than 10 Orang Utans each day and it was a chance to have a guide who knows how to properly react in front of the big ones, especially Mina which is pretty scary.

    The food was also amazing. I would recommend that tour more than anything in Bukit Lawang.

    Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!


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